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Elevate Your Vision with Exceptional Lenses

Not all lenses are created equal. A high-quality lens elevates your vision without distorting your appearance. We carry a range of premium lenses and lens coatings manufactured by Essilor that deliver crystal-clear vision and can stand up to the rigors of daily wear.

Our opticians can help you choose the right lens and coating combination for your life, your frames, and your prescription. Book an appointment if it’s time to update your prescription, or come right in to shop for your next pair of glasses.

Why Choose Essilor Lenses?

Essilor has been manufacturing some of the world’s finest lenses for over 175 years. 

They’re among the most optically precise and visually accurate lenses on the market. Whether you’re looking for single-vision, multi-focal, or progressive lenses, we carry a range of Essilor products to suit your needs.

Essilor’s Lenses & Coatings

We carry a range of Essilor lenses to suit diverse prescriptions for adults and children. Whether you’re looking for single-vision, progressive lenses, or transition lenses, Essilor has a lens that will meet your needs.

Eyezen+ Single Vision Lenses

Eyezen+ lenses are designed for our lives that revolve around digital screens. The lenses are treated with a special coating that helps to filter out blue light. Studies have shown that too much blue light may cause eye strain and fatigue. 

Eyezen+ lenses can help to reduce these symptoms by filtering out some of the blue light and reducing glare and reflections. Eyezen+ lenses are available for single-vision prescriptions as well as non-prescription computer glasses.

Varilux lenses feature multiple power zones that provide clear vision at all distances. They’re designed to seamlessly transition between different focal lengths, making them virtually invisible to the naked eye.

Essilor’s Transitions lenses are perfect for people who want the convenience of wearing one pair of glasses for all occasions. These lenses automatically darken in bright sunlight and lighten in indoor settings, so you can always see clearly. They’re also scratch-resistant and come with a UV protection filter, so you can wear them outdoors without having to worry about your safety.

Crizal coatings reduce glare, smudges, scratches, and UV light making it easier to see throughout the day. Crizal lenses are available in both clear and tinted versions, so you can choose the coating that best suits your needs.

Clear Sights Ahead

We would love to help handcraft your next pair of glasses. Book an eye exam to update your prescription or visit us any time to browse our broad selection of glasses.

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