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When Should a Child Have Their First Eye Exam?

A young child sitting on their mother's lap while an optometrist completes their first eye exam

ildren’s eye exams are more than an evaluation of their sight. Our friendly eye doctors in Scottsdale can recognize the signs of eye diseases and vision problems. We know how to make the conversation accessible and fun for kids of all ages. So when it’s time for their first eye exam, we have the tools to examine their eye health while keeping them comfortable. The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends that a child’s first eye exam be between 6–12 months of age if they are a low-risk patient.


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What Eyeglass Frames Are in Style?

A middle-aged man wearing a pair of glasses that complements his face shape.

Following the most recent developments in eyeglass frame styles can be fun, regardless of whether you’re a style-forward enthusiast or someone looking to update your appearance. Eyeglass frames that are currently in style fall under the following categories: 

Oversized frames
Thin metal frames
Retro revival
White and transparent frames
Geometric shapes
Flat-top frames
Luxury & Y2K
Korean-designed frames […]

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Can Kids Use Eye Drops?

A young girl using eye drops into her right eye

Eye drops are available for children, but not all eye drops are made for kids. While some over-the-counter products are safe for short-term use, discussing long-term use at a children’s eye care appointment is crucial.

Common uses for kids eye drops include:


Dry eyes

Eye infections

Myopia control

If you’re unsure what eye drops you child can or cannot use, talk to your eye doctor […]

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