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How Often Should a Child Get an Eye Exam?

A young boy looking through a phoropter during a children's eye exam

Children go through incredible growth and development, which includes their eyes. Children should see their optometrist while they’re still growing to stay on top of their eye health. But the schedule for when children should get their first eye exam and how often after that is not set in stone.  This article explores the recommended […]

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What Is a Refraction Eye Exam?

A young woman patient looking through a phoropter while hands are seen adjusting the lenses.

An optometrist or ophthalmologist will perform a refraction test to determine if you have a refractive error in your vision that causes you to be nearsighted, farsighted, or astigmatic. These refractive errors can cause blurry vision at various distances.

Refraction eye tests are performed by eye doctors to determine the strength of the prescription you need for glasses or contact lenses to address your specific refractive error and allow you to see clearly.

During the examination, your doctor evaluates how light enters your eyes and where it lands in relation to your retina. This can be accomplished by shining a light into your eyes or using a phoropter tool.

Light refracts in front of your retina in nearsighted eyes, resulting in blurry distance vision.

Light refracts behind the retina in farsighted eyes, resulting in blurry up-close vision.

Light is scattered in astigmatic eyes, resulting in overall blurry vision […]

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